Swissline Fashion Holiday SET



Set contains:

CSW Brightening Diamond Serum, 2 x 20ml

CSW Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion, 50ml

CSW Facial Brightening-Essence, 30ml

CSW Facial Brightening Mask, 20ml

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CSW Brightening Diamond Serum – The dual formula contains REAL visible clusters of diamonds. From the first application, the see-through serum imparts an even reflection of light to sublimate the complexion, firming and reducing any surface unevenness. With continued use, the rose serum contributes to fading localized existing dark spots or unevenly pigmented areas, to create a uniform, brighter skin.

CSW Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion – Light-to-medium textured moisturizer formulated to optimize its daytime performance while offering a remarkable optical correction for a brighter complexion from the very first application. Increased amounts of antioxidants and anti-pollution factors join the newly added HD-White Complex to offer a brighter complexion while safeguarding skin throughout the entire day, offering added protection against urban stress and environmental assault, known triggers for pigmentation disorders.

CSW Facial Brightening-Essence – A bright splash of energetic coolness featuring exfoliating agents, housed in a gel-in-essence formula. Much more than a classic tonic-lotion, the new and sophisticated formula will become a much-needed addition to your skincare ritual as it enhances the effectiveness of all other products, keeping natural exfoliation levels high and addressing signs of pigmentation.

CSW Facial Brightening Mask – Inspired by Swiss line’s professional-salon expertize, this all-in-one facial mask is remarkably multi-tasking, as it brightens, intensively hydrates, detoxifies and refines pores. The soft non-drying cream-mask is applied with a silk brush for an even and smooth application, creating a thin veil of pure pleasure. It remains creamy and comfortаble until removed.


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